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Facial enhancement acupuncture with Pia Gronroos


Holistic facial enhancement




I have created my own unique facial based on over 25 years experience with natural cosmetics, essential oils, acupuncture and crystal healing. This facial uses pure natural skin balms and serums, facial acupuncture and light facial cupping  ending with crystals - working not only on your face but also on deeper levels to bring out the radiance of the person inside, the health benefits of the whole body and a glowing face.




Facial enhancement acupuncture stimulates the muscles of the face, improves circulation and aids the production of natural collagen in the dermis/skin. In this treatment the focus is on the face but also a few needles will be placed on the body for overall well-being and health. The facial will make your skin glow, feel tighter as the muscles get stronger but equally release the tension that we all hold in our faces.




The light cupping massage continue to relieve tension but also improves the circulation of the entire face which in turn allow more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed by the skin, boosting natural collagen and elastan, activating lymphatic drainage and reducing age lines.




The crystals continue this process and also work deeply on your entire wellbeing, equally to body acupuncture. Crystals have been used in Chinese medicine and different stones relate to different organs and functions.




Apart from the needles this treatment contains massage with some beautiful 100% natural balms, some light cupping and ends with a relaxing set of crystals to end the treatment in bliss.




The client will also be given some facial exercises that will target the areas the client is concerned about. When we strengthen the muscles in our faces, we help the face stay toned and radiant. 




I recommend a course of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture sessions with with 6-10 sessions on a weekly basis. Each treatment builds up on the previous, strengthening and toning muscles and the skin and helps to bring the natural collagen to fill the lines the years may have brought. After the course is finished you can choose to have some regular maintenance treatments to sustain the results.




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