Clinic Reopening

We are pleased to inform you that the Clinic will be offering a phased reopening of therapies and treatments as from 15th July 2020 and the diary is now open for appointments. Please be advised that we will have reduced capacity and some treatments will not be available initially. 

For Cosmetic Aesthetics and Women's Health Dr Tina Peers can be emailed at [email protected] or contact the centre for health on 01293 780442 or email [email protected]

For Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Ian Tolfrey can be reached on 07843752879 or contact the centre for health on 01293 780442 or email [email protected]

For Osteopathy please phone Julian directly on 01293 369442 or email [email protected]

For Physiotherapy please phone Steve directly on 07592151917 or email [email protected] If you are a patient seen in the community and you have any queries, questions or concerns then please contact Celia on 01293 365011 or at [email protected]

New cleaning Regimes in Clinic

We are constantly reviewing and following the advice from Government and NHS England and will keep everyone informed via our website and social media if the situation changes. We have implemented robust safety procedures and additional cleaning and infection control protocols to reduce the risk to everyone visiting the clinic. 

As we are sure you can appreciate there are a number of changes within the clinic, below we have detailed what these changes mean to your patient journey.

COVID-19 - What are we asking from you as the patient and what to expect when you visit the clinic.

We are delighted to be able to offer a service again. It is important to keep in mind that there are no known means to absolutely guarantee zero risk of transmission.

Please do not hesitate to cancel your appointment;

·       If you don’t feel well

·       If any of your family members have symptoms

·       If anyone you have been in contact with has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last month.

·       You are in the sheltered/shielding category.

·       If you are anxious and don’t feel safe to come.

·       If you have ANY symptoms at all, that are not normal for you, email us and we will advise. Do not just come along and ask us when you get here.

To keep contact time to a minimum, and to minimise the risk of transmission we will do the following;

If your circumstances or medical history have changed since your previous appointment, please notify us in advance of your appointment.

Talking during your appointment must be kept to a minimum, to reduce the risk of droplet transmission.

We would prefer you to wear a face covering to your appointment, wherever possible if you could use your own it would be much appreciated.

Our apologies, only emergency toilet facilities will be available whilst these measures are required, as the additional cleaning protocol required would not be practical.

Please arrive on time. We are managing appointments very tightly to ensure only a minimal number of patients in the clinic at a time.

Please come alone, we will have no waiting facilities either for early arrivals or friends and family members.

On arrival please wait in your car, we will let you know when we are ready for you to minimise any unnecessary contact with other patients.

Please bring as little into the clinic with you as possible, just essential items, leave unnecessary bags, coats or jumpers at home or in your car. 

If you think you will need a drink, please bring your own bottle of water.

When entering the clinic you will be invited to sanitise your hands and be escorted straight to the treatment room. Doors will be opened and closed for you. The practitioners will have prepared the room, including disinfecting any surfaces before your arrival. They will be wearing a face mask & apron and will wash hands and put on gloves before making any contact with you.

If we need a signature from you you will be sent the documents to read in advance. Please bring your own pen.

If you would prefer to pay for your treatment by bank transfer, please make contact before your appointment to get bank details to enable you to set this up in advance ready for your appointment.







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