Did You Know?

Hearing and General Health, Research shows that hearing loss is frequently associated with other Physical, mental, and emotional health conditions, and that people who address their hearing loss often experience better quality of life.

The object of this Wellness Programme is to inform people of some of those links but importantly, offering all over 55's a hearing screening. early diagnosis and therefore the benefits that brings are not just for their hearing but their general well being.


Link Between Hearing loss and Diabetes.

The development of hearing problems has been linked with diabetes in various research studies and it has been debated, studied and researched for the past 50 years with most of the outcomes from those early attemps being incnclusive.

Link between Hearing loss and stroke.

It has been debated by the medical world that there is a link between hearing loss and stroke but very few studies have taken place and therefore we are reliant on the outcome of two.

Link between Dementia and Hearing Health.

The worse the hearing loss, the greater the risk of someone developing dementia - and this link remained true irrespective of age, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Link between Heart and Hearing Health.

Reasearch from Brigham and Women's Hospital reveals that a healthy heart may be the key to keeping your hearing healthy. The study, published in the American Journal of Medicine, suggests a possible link between cardiovascular disease and hearing loss.


For further information on any of these studies please conatct the Centre for Health who can provide more information as part of our partnership with HIDDEN HEARING.


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