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Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Fusion Massage and Reflexology is a body work technique using hot stones to massage the body.

Special iron rich basalt stones are heated in hot water to a safe and effective temperature. Carol then massages the body holding the stones in her hands. The iron content of the stones allows them to absorb and transmit the heat of the water. Warm oil is applied before the stones can glide easily over the contours of the body. The advanced technique uses the forearms and knuckles. This allows a highly therapeutic and nurturing effect.

Hot stones encourage the release of endorphins, dilating of blood capillaries and boosts the flow of nutrient rich blood to tight muscles, ligaments and fascia. The loosening effect of the stones may reduce the tendency for scar tissue to form. Having a hot stones massage can also benefit digestion, respiratory congestion and kidney function.  The stones also have an effect of the nervous system diminishing pain without the use of pharmaceuticals. Ladies who suffer with menstrual cramping and endometriosis also find benefit in hot stone treatment. 


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