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James Alvey - Podiatric Surgery

James Alvey - Podiatric Surgery
Fellow in Podiatric Surgery FC(Pod)S, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Mr Alvey initially qualified in Podiatry in 1993 from the University of Brighton (UoB) and went on to begin his surgical studies at the UoB in 2001.

His surgical training was gained at Lambeth Teaching NHS Primary Care Trust under a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, and also with the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Consultants at Worthing & Southlands NHS Hospital Trust during this time. He gained his Surgical Fellowship in 2008.

He has had extensive training in diagnostic imaging and has gained qualifications and skills in the use of mini c-arms (portable x-ray), which is essential for guided joint injections, as well as used during surgery.

He is currently employed as a Principal Podiatrist with Sussex Community NHS Trust, where he is the lead clinician for Podiatric Surgery. He is also employed as Clinical Specialist in Podiatric Surgery for Sutton and Merton Community NHS Provider Services.

He has regularly taught on the under-graduate Podiatry degree as well as the post-graduate Masters degree at the UoB since 2002. He has recently completed his own Masters degree, focusing on research into readability of surgical patient reported outcome measures for his dissertation and is currently awaiting publication of his findings.

His regular practice includes non-surgical and surgical management of common forefoot conditions such as bunions, arthritic foot joints, hammer toes and ingrown toe nails. He also prescribes foot orthoses and utilises therapeutic steroid and local anaesthetic injections.

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