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Kelly Hutson Nutritional Therapist

Kelly Hutson Nutritional Therapist

Kelly Hutson is a registered nutritional therapist having completed a 4 year diploma with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition focusing on both the science of nutrition and clinical practice.

With an interest in female health, hormones and autoimmunity, Kelly works collaboratively with clients and health care practitioners to understand individual goals and health care challenges. She then implements a realistic and safe plan to support success.

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based complementary therapy to help maximise your health potential by identifying the underlying root cause.  By taking a holistic approach, rather than treating the symptoms, nutritional therapy will consider the client body as a whole including digestion, detoxification and immunity as well as considering hydration, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Using the functional medicine approach, the main tool in nutritional therapy is food  - real food- unprocessed and in its natural form.   This enables nutritional therapists to work with individuals to address nutritional imbalance and help support the body towards maintaining health.


Nutritional therapy may help you achieve your optimal health goals. Book a consultation to address on-going health symptoms including.

Digestion discomfort and disorders

ü  Overcome cravings

ü  Hormonal imbalances

ü  Skin disorders

ü  Low energy and fatigue

ü  Low mood, stress and anxiety

ü  Achieving a healthy weight

ü  Healthy aging

ü  Immune Strength

ü  Blood sugar balance

ü  Restful sleep

ü  Food intolerances.






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